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“I approached it, played it with my hands and listened to it, with my ears on the surface of the sculptures one by one.

I realised that this public art installation Rock Strangers Oostende is a magically sounding vibrant creature.” - Martine-Nicole Rojina

Internationally recognized Belgian artist ARNE QUINZE reacted with enthusiasm to her email proposal, which described a transdisciplinary multisensory audio visual performance, and invited her to his atelier, where she could start recording the musical waves of his metal sculptures.

Currently, with the allowence and support of the Cultural Department of Oostende, her international art collective PERMEABLE is working on the creation of a live performance in late summer 2017.

Their workplaces, the MPATHY STUDIO and the Raygun Studios, are located in Brussels, where the vision is taking shape together with inventive art professionals, technology partners, engineers and scientists.

The immersive exploration of the Rock Strangers´ vibrations communicates with experiments on their instruments - bassoon, harp, violin, voice, piano, synthesizers and percussion - to create a synaesthetical surround sound journey for the audience.


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